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 Here at Z.T.Martin LLC we like to keep it simple. The services we provide have a wide range and we can package them together at a great price.


Web Development

We offer a large variety of services based around web development and this is also the companies main focus when it come to work. We specialize in web development and have a team of developers waiting to develop your website! 

We focus on UX/User Experience as well as the client training when it comes to our web based projects. We use WordPress, a free CMS, to build our websites from there we customize a theme and plugins to suit your needs. If the client has no prior knowledge or wants to know how they can spend their time efficiently when editing the website without a developer present we offer training that way you’re not wasting time trying to figure it out. We take client designs very serious but we also like to give our own design recommendations that are based off of the clients initial design. UX/User Experience plays a huge role when creating a website, we tailor it to your audience that way it creates a great experience for the client and their customers. We can also rebuild websites based off of existing design to give it a better feel and look.

Heres a brief if you don’t want to read that all:

  • WordPress based development
  • Customized themes and plugins
  • Customized designs
  • User and client experience is our top priority
  • Client training on WordPress if offered to save you time and money
  • Design suggestions to make the website have a better look and feel.
  • We can work on your current site if needed

Need something a little more custom? We also offer fully custom websites at a higher cost and it may hinder development times from the original estimate but we do offer it.


Graphic Design

  • Stationery Design is our top selling graphic design service. Essentially this is a package that includes all other graphic design services below excluding logo design
  • Logo Design is something we specialize in throughout our graphic design department. Without a professional looking logo everything else looks unprofessional as well.
  • Business Card Design is essential to businesses no matter what business you are in, you need a business card. Without a professional looking business card people will look at your company in a bad way, thats definitely not the impression you want to get.
  • Envelope Design is something that we exclusively provide in our stationery design and unique invitation design packages. We do this because most businesses get away with using white envelopes and still come across as professional and unless you really need an envelope for a private event.
  • Unique invitations this can range from a wedding invitation to an invitation to a private event for your organization. 
  • Brochure Design is essential if your company is offering services person to person. For example if you own a landscaping business you definitely want to consider brochure design. Not only does this attract more clients but it makes the client feel invested after they read the brochure.
  • Ads. Ads are actually one of the best ways to attract clients. We can also help you get your ads on facebook, google, and other large websites to help you attract more clients.
  • Website Design, we include this in our web development packages if needed but if you were to go through a different developer we will be more than happy to assist you at a low cost when designing your website.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? It probably falls into our other designs section that we do not mention on the website. Feel free to contact us about your needs and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


App Development

  • UX based design, we make sure the app is ready for your clients to use with ease.
  • Backend Development, we make sure the app is fully functional before we release it. We will also do updates to the app for a low cost if there are bugs.
  • Code review, we will review your code and suggest edits based on what we see. This can help prevent bugs from arising in the future and make the apps functionality faster.
  • Full training for other developers, yes we can and will train and teach your developer how to debug issues incase you run into any.

Website Protection Plans

We can offer a range of services when it comes to protecting your website. We can run through and make sure there is no phishing for clients info imbedded in the code and we can also test for viruses on the site. We will not hold back information. We may also suggest edits to the code or, if the website was built using a CMS, plugins to install in order to keep you and your clients protected at all times. We are currently working on making a WordPress plugin to help with this process and to further protect the sites that we make in the future.

  • Full Code Review
  • Debugging
  • Virus Removal
  • Source code editing
  • and more!

Package Deals

We can bundle many of our services to save you and your company money. Please contact us asking for bundle prices on two or more services that you see above. Please visit the contact us page and send us an email or a text.

We will respond within 24 hours of your inquiry.


This is something we do exclusively for startups. If you plan on starting a business then give us a call and we can work with you on how much we are willing to invest and what services we will offer to your company for free. We love supporting other small businesses and young entrepreneurs. Please visit the contact us page to reach out. We will most likely schedule a meeting and review a business plan before we do anything. We will respond within 24 hours of your inquiry. We can also walk you through the process of starting your own business using SwyftFilings.

We like to think of our company as more of a web development firm and like to take time to make that the service that stands out among the rest. Plus most of the projects that we get are web development based so that’s what we like to focus on. Plus if we were to mention everything the homepage would look cluttered and messy so we keep it simple.

We are a huge supporter of other small businesses and startups. Even though we only offer to invest in startups not a single one we have invested in so far has been a bad one. We try our best to make sure every business we invest in succeeds and does well within the first year. What we strive for when helping out another business is making sure they are doing what they love and make sure that they are profitable while doing it.

We do require that all startups we invest in have a business plan that we carefully review to make sure it is a smart investment on both ends. We don’t want to see anyone fail, that’s the biggest thing that drives people away from trying again. If we can help we will.

You can go to our contact us page and we may post our response under this section of our website. Feel free to ask away, it’s free!