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Z.T.Martin LLC

Computers Made Simple.

Our Services

Just a short list of what we offer here at Z.T.Martin LLC


We do stationery design. We put your company’s brand on everything we can think of. If we miss something no problem we will create it for no extra cost to you! Now isn’t that a deal?


We will provide the best SEO services known to man. You will be on the front page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. in no time. We also offer a month to month service for SEO to ensure you keep your ranking!


We develop all of our websites using CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5 and more! We want to offer the best we can give you in as little time as possible so you can be up and running quickly!

Our outstanding works!

Without a doubt, you’re already wondering what have we created and how long it took us to do so. We get things done fast around here, why? No one likes waiting months to have a website finished!

We Design for Mobile Platforms, as well!

All of our designs are 100% responsive. Don’t believe me? Load this website or any of our works on our portfolio on your smartphone and see just what we have to offer! We also develop mobile apps for business solutions, personal solutions or really any kind of solution.

Our Process & Workflow.

First things first. we work out a hosting solution for your website and your needs. The first year is on us! Second, we get down and dirty with the business by researching your business then we send our photographer come out and take pictures for the website. Third, we work on the website and perfect it to your needs.

Not only do we do all of that but our websites all come with a stationery design for a low-cost. It’s actually cheaper than buying it separately. This means we design custom business cards, pens, envelopes, really whatever you need and we also will go through VistaPrint and have the final versions shipped directly to you!
Project Research
We will spend at least 2 business days reseaching your feild of work and checking out other websites to ensure you get a good product!
Content Management
All of our websites will be extremely easy to manage and we will even show you how to do so for a low cost!
All of our designs are based off of what successful others in the field have setup for their website or designs. We want you to look professional.
Our development and support teams are dedicated to helping you achieve success with your business, we don’t want to let you down and we will always be here for you.

Let us do the dirty work.

Tell us what you need, your budget, and timeframe. I’m positive we can come up with the right solution for you!